Thursday, 26 September 2013

Magna Olea - the sketch

I've already presented Magna Olea here, nevertheless a more exhaustive explanation seems appropriate...

My father is the producer of this wonderful olive oil, that I'm proudly sharing here. He is the most dedicated and perfectionist person I have ever met. Alone, he is responsible for the whole management of the farm and controls every single stage of the production process. Actually "controls" is an euphemism! He is truly the one man show! He does the pruning, the tillage, the harvest... Everything since the beginning to the end, ensuring that all stages meet his highest requirements. But all of his remarkable dedication, hardwork and perfectionism, result from a great passion for nature and farming. The results of such connection are well expressed in the several international awards Magna Olea has received during the past few years.

My sister and I became more and more interested in the family brand - our family brand. Since 2011, we've been assuming a more effective role inside Magna Olea's structure and we are now helping the development of new packaging and commercial relationships. Our first contribution was the renew of the whole packaging design, aiming to make it more appealing and befitting with the excellency of the content.

The idea to name the brand as Magna Olea - where Magna means Big and Olea means oilve tree - is due to a big millennial olive tree that belongs to the family for centuries! Magna Olea olive tree is shown in the picture below, taken several years ago, when big mustaches were clearly fashion and trendy :) The picture became naturally a good inspiration for the brand's logo. This old olive tree represents the highest respect and commitment of the family with nature. Find also one of the sketches that led to the final version of the logo! Hope you enjoy!

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Golimix - (Lina) said...

Olá! Já tinha visto fotos dessa oliveira. Acho-a linda! E os desenhos fazem-lhe justiça!:)


Maria Teresa Abreu Lima said...

Obrigada Lina :) Beijinhos

Pilar Abreu Lima said...

Parabéns mana pela excelente homenagem que aqui fazes :) Muito bem escrito, belíssimamente retatratado e ilustrado! Um beijo enorme de saudade*

Sunrise said...

Está fantástico este trabalho. Que talento!

Maria Teresa Abreu Lima said...

Obrigada Sunrise :)