Friday, 14 February 2014

The Honest Post - 1 year of blogging

Today is a good day to give you all an accurate explanation of my most recent life, and my relationship with my blog. 
I moved to Istanbul in September, and surprisingly fast, by October i was working in a turkish company. It didn't last very long though. After 4 months i got fired (i didn't know the language, and none of mine colleagues could speak english either), there was no team communication.
 I started this blog right after that. I'd been feeling the need to share my work regularly, on an online platform, for quite some time. But this was the right moment to do it! 
 Although it started as a wish to share and have instant feedback on my work, it also allowed me to approach a bigger audience, and to find more easily commissioned work. 
Today i am still struggling to call this, job (hobbie, work, whatever), and to make illustration as a way of living. 
Because it makes me happy, and because i believe that's where i am good at, and where i can become better at, i keep on being persistent.
Uploading my work on this blog is not always an easy task. I'm very insecure, and  very critic of my own work. But on the other hand, i think, this is a journey, a work in progress and i am changing and adapting every day. This blog is an open book of my evolution and progression (at least, that's how i want to think about it). 

Therefore, you are very welcome in this little cyber space of mine. If you want to share some images and illustrations you may find here, please do so, but don't forget the credits!

If you haven't participate on my first giveaway ever, i invite you to do so. 
On the 21 st February i will offer one illustration (portrait of one or two persons). 
To participate you need to:

Follow She's a Maniac on Facebook here.
Share the giveaway on your facebook page (public).
Comment below with your name and email.

Good luck!! :)

Se ainda não participaram no meu primeiríssimo Giveaway, participem! 
Irei oferecer uma ilustração (retrato de uma ou duas pessoas) em formato digital.
Dia 21 de Fevereiro direi quem é o vencedor, que será sorteado através do 

Para participar só precisam de:

Seguir She's a Maniac no facebook. Aqui
Partilhar na vossa página de facebook este giveaway. (público)
comentar a este post (ou anterior) com o vosso nome e email.

Boa sorte!
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Anonymous said...

Francisca Pinto Machado -

Ângela mourão said...

Ângela Maria Casal Ribeiro Mourão

mim_tugba said...

Feliz 1º aniversario! adoro o teu trabalho my sweet friend:)

Tugba Alves Feiteira Maia